We had the pleaseure of working with IBSCO for 7 years, where we got to play with every aspekt of their brand. Our colaboration started with a logo design:  And with that started a couple of really fun years of working with the best project manager / CEO ever. Jamee (yes, i have the biggest nerd crush) 



Christmas Cards

We then had the pleasure of creating their Christmas cards, Jamee (our favourite contact person ever) let us have free reign and we delivered the following designs: The ball bearings were made as vector art (and we've been using them in a lot of different projects with them, so even though getting the shine right was a pain in the proverbial, (one vector ball bearing was roughly 300 layers of vector art)  it was time well spent, 

Ibsco christmas cards header

Business cards: 

Double folded as well as single double sided ones. ibsco cards


We then moved on to create their lines cards, the amount of information and tech specs you learn when working on this kind of project is fun, now I know what a bearing shield is btw... and what a loadbearing bearing is. And what a cleanroom is... Seriously, half the fun is getitng a glimps into a an industry that is polar opposite of what you might be doing yourself. (to see the back of the card, roll your mouse over) 

3 1 15 114 116 117 1

Iphone Case

IBSCO Iphone

If you're going to spoil your coworkers, do it with cool branded merch. We also added the new IBSCO Aerospace logo to the range. Oh, and here's a cool fact about IBSCO, they make the ballbeaings that take nasa into space (so their stuff is literally in orbit around the world... *gentle nerd shiver)  

 Web Banners

A range of web banners for their internet add campaigns, they decided to go with google ads as well as facebook ads. We really enjoy the challange of getting as much information and brand identiy into as small a space available, we've been doing banners for 10 years, and it's a fun way to stretch and work your creative muscles (click on the imges for a better look) 

Ibsco Web bannerIbsco Web bannerIbsco Web bannerIbsco Web bannerIbsco Web bannerIbsco Web bannerIbsco Web banner

IBSCO Aerospace Brochures

IBSCO started a subsidairy for their space bearings (yes, it's a thing, a very cool thing) since they are one of the few companies that can actually get the bearings clean to a high enough standard (less friction) so these are the linecards for the Aerospace department, with the alternate logo we did for them as well. The view the back side, just hover over the image 

The logo in question:

Aerospace blue shield







Office Wall Art

Another fun project, Jamee wanted something to put on the walls in the office, and wanted it branded, as well as showing off how wide their expertize goes. We came up with this to tie up to what we had all ready done for her in brochures and print and we got to have some fun with photoshop layers masking. 

Sales Brochure for IBSCO and IBSCO Aerospace

A sales brochure for an international conference, this time in a larger format, and with a gate fold, so we got to have some fun with the designs. The best part about working with a company for longer amounts of time is that you get a kind of style-shorthand, where you know what they will like and you still get to play with the bounderies and build the brand forward with them. 

The bearing image on the front and back was also a vector art we did for Jamee that we used in a lot of our print material projects. Because of it being vector, we could resize (up as well as down) endlessly, so this image not only became a broshure front, but coudl be used as wall art or signage etc. 

ibsco wallpaper Copy