MovingMatters / Lambeth SSP 

MovingMatters (Former Lambeth) has been a fun and long going client. We did their web site rebuilds, first time when they upgraded from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 and then again when they changed from Lambeth to MovingMatters. Below you can see the range of designs we've gone through and the ongoing work. You can view the current website here: 

The current site involves: 

  • Booking system (OpenPlay) to take payment and book sports events
  • two different sections, one for schools, and one for parents.
  • Members signup, where schools can pay and sign up for their memberships. 
  • members area for the schools that use MovingMatters, where they can download course material and PE curriculum. 
  • CV contact form, where applicants can apply for work
  • General contact form with maps and contact information. 

The current site is built on Joomla 3.7. This design was created in 2016. So all in all we did 6 years of work together. 

moving matters1booking page movingmattersPE curriculum movingMatters

The lambeth designs:

(This was from 2010, when we started working with Rob and the gang) 

lambeth homepagelambeth team pagelambeth calendar
The start of Moving Matters:

with a whole new design (more images, darker colour)

Lambeth movingmattersHeader